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G44 Tech Group develops and builds prototypes and products for various industries. We use talented and creative researchers and developers from Europe and Asia, combining mechanical and electronics (mechatronics) knowledge, with practical experience, to create unique and innovative solutions and products for our everyday lives, recreation and enjoyment.

Two founders, one a descendant of the famous inventor Nikola Tesla, have been instrumental in generating, fabricating, patenting and building prototypes, for the past two decades, utilizing concepts and dreams with real life solutions, aiming to make people’s lives better and more fulfilling.

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Innovative Mechatronics Solutions

G44 Tech Group's Key Projects Transforming Industries


SkiPod is a fully automated Mixed Reality system, unencumbered by goggles, using an elaborate treadmill that is electronically calibrated to a large screen.


This Aqua Massager is essential for Relaxation, Meditation, and ultimately Rejuvenating your Being.


Parking robots are steady, dependable and safe while each one replaces 4-6 attendants.

Dig Tab

All-Inclusive Aqua-Remote Device.

Simpler Made

Ecommerce Warehousing will replace old, outdated procedures of managing Receiving, Picking, and Shipping, leading to significantly greater productivity and profit.